Exploring the Charming Streets of Mdina, Malta



Located in the heart of Malta, the charming city of Mdina is a must-visit destination for history buffs and architecture lovers. Known as the “Silent City,” Mdina boasts a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere that transports visitors back in time. From the winding streets and narrow alleys to the impressive walls and gates, there’s something for everyone in this medieval gem.

Mdina’s History:

Mdina has a long and rich history, serving as the capital of Malta for hundreds of years. The city has been ruled by the Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, and Knights of St. John, and it’s played a crucial role in Malta’s history. Visitors can explore the city’s many landmarks and learn about its many rulers over the centuries.


Exploring Mdina:

One of the best ways to explore Mdina is by walking around its winding streets and alleys. Visitors can start their tour at the main entrance, the Vilhena Gate, and make their way to the impressive Mdina Cathedral. The cathedral is a must-visit site with its impressive Baroque architecture and stunning artwork. Another must-see landmark is Palazzo Falson, a medieval palace that now serves as a museum showcasing the history and culture of the city.

Row of horse with carriages in Mdina.

Mdina’s Architecture:

Mdina is renowned for its unique and well-preserved medieval architecture. Visitors can marvel at the impressive walls and gates that surround the city, as well as the stunning architecture of the many palaces and churches. Some of the most notable examples of medieval architecture in Mdina include the St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Palazzo Vilhena, and the Palazzo Falson.

Best Places to Eat in Mdina:

No visit to Mdina is complete without trying some of the local cuisine. Visitors can find a wide range of restaurants and cafes serving traditional Maltese dishes such as rabbit stew, fish soup, and pastizzi (a savory pastry). Some of the best restaurants in Mdina include the De Mondion Restaurant, the Palazzo de Piro Restaurant, and the Fontanella Tea Garden.

De Mondion Restaurant


Mdina is a truly unique destination that offers visitors a glimpse into the rich history and culture of Malta. From its winding streets and ancient architecture to its world-class restaurants and cafes, there’s something for everyone in this charming city. Whether you’re a history buff, an architecture lover, or simply looking for a peaceful and tranquil escape, Mdina is not to be missed. So pack your bags and head to this medieval gem for a journey through history and culture.

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